Luxurious garden mural with palm trees in a tropical plantation setting

Top 10 Hand Painted Mural ideas for your home

These are some Mural Ideas that can get you started with your next building or renovating project. A Custom Hand-Painted Mural will make a great addition into your decor. It makes any space alive and ad a touch of uniqueness into the environment. An original Mural will turn any home more intimate, warm and personal. An original piece of art is something that cannot be reproduced and it is very unique.



10. An Equestrian Mural will make a great addition to any horse lover. Perfect accent for a dramatic effect. The art below is based on Bernini’s sketch.

Rider on a horse mural in roman custome and distressed walls

Equestrian Mural

9. An Italian Landscape Mural will bring an idyllic walk in the countryside in earth colors and soft shadows.

European landscape mural painting

Italian Landscape mural

8. Transport yourself to an exotic location with a Jungle-themed Mural. A majestic view of the Rainforest with a sophisticated palette

Mural of a Jungle rainforest with sailboats

Jungle mural

7. Claude Monet Gardens bring out an explosion of subtle hues with a classic impressionistic style.

Monet Mural in pastel colors

Monet Garden mural

6. A romantic view of a courtyard surrounded by palm trees can add an elegant element which brings warm climate and tropical dreams to mind.

Luxurious garden mural with palm trees in a tropical plantation setting

Palm Trees mural

5. A contemporary representation of trees in front of a gold background adds lots of character to any room.

modern contemporary trees mural against a gold background

Forest Trees mural

4. Enjoy your own tropical Island with a mural that makes you hear the ocean and feel the warm breeze.

Island houses with palm trees landscape mural with a watercolor feeling

Tropical Mural

3. Open up a view to a Tuscan villa with a mural reminiscent of  the italian countryside which can also make a great sink backsplash.

Mural with a Tuscany Landscape and a mediterranean kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen mural


2. A serene landscape mural that makes any dining room a piece of conversation. Bring the beauty of the outside world into your home.

Landscape with palm trees and boats mural in elegant dining room

Dining Room Mural


1. A Coastal mural with a peaceful harbor scene it is a perfect addition to any Nautical decor. Add and Old European feeling with a Portuguese tile style format.

monochrome mural with boats in old european style and portuguese tile

Coastal Mural


Hand-painted wall murals

Hand-painted wall murals designed and painted by Paulo Jimenez Fine Art, a decorative mural painting company led by premier Central Florida Area mural artist Paulo Jimenez. Specializing in large wall murals and decorative painting for commercial, public, and residential clients, Paulo Jimenez Fine Art creates beautifully stunning custom wall murals.

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